School Testimonials

  • Educator’s Ally really is the gold standard as far as transparency and partnership.

    Paul Baly

    Head of Middle School
    Elisabeth Morrow School

  • Educator’s Ally conducted two very successful searches for the Convent of the Sacred Heart. The EA team presented a slate of very qualified applicants, organized their files in a clear, manageable way and offered wise and useful advice throughout the entire process. The school community benefited tremendously from their professional and competent management of these extensive searches.

    Joe Ciancaglini

    Head of School
    Convent of the Sacred Heart
    New York, NY

  • I have had the benefit of working with Educator’s Ally from both sides. If you are hiring and contact them about a vacancy, they send you a carefully screened list of top quality candidates. If you are looking to be hired, they give you good advice about how to present yourself and get your resumes into the right hands. They manage the difficult balancing act of caring for both their candidates and their client schools.

    John Love

    Former Upper School Principal
    Fieldston School

  • We appreciate the thoughtful, honest review of each candidate that Educator’s Ally provides, which offers ample evidence that they have engaged in a substantive interview and reference process. Educator’s Ally is interested in not just finding a fit but in finding the right fit for their candidates.

    Elizabeth Stevens

    Head of Upper School
    The Hewitt School

  • Working with Educator’s Ally is an absolute pleasure. They know our school, they know their candidates, and they are committed to facilitating excellent matches. We don’t run a search without calling them.

    Mark Feiner

    Associate Head of School
    Greenwich Academy

  • Over many years Educator’s Ally has provided Trevor with great teachers. I know I can count on them to carefully vet candidates and to send only those people who have the right qualifications for the position. They listen carefully to what we are looking for, I trust their judgment, and they have a good sense of which teachers will be a good match for our school. When we have a last minute opening or a leave replacement, I call Educator’s Ally first because I know they will respond quickly with great candidates. Already this year they have helped us with two last minute hires!

    Lisa Alberti

    Dean of Academics
    Miss Hall’s School

    Former Associate Head of School
    Trevor Day School

  • Educator’s Ally is our first call in the event that we have an expected position opening up. Always receptive and interested in making the best match, I have found, without fail, that they work extremely hard to bring any Faculty or Staff search to a successful conclusion. I literally cannot count how many current members of our Faculty or Staff came to Brunswick via Educator’s Ally….and that includes me….a once-young History teacher, 25 years ago.

    Thomas W. Philip

    Brunswick School

  • Through the years Educator’s Ally has thoughtfully, consistently, and promptly provided the strongest candidates in the field for our searches. It is the organization that we go to first, and we have had tremendous success with our hires because of Educator’s Ally’s ability to provide top notch teachers and administrators.

    Christopher D. Dunham

    Middle School Head
    The Browning School

Candidate/Teacher Testimonials

  • Educator’s Ally was a fantastic partner during my job search. They matched me with exactly the type of positions I was looking for and were incredibly helpful during the interview and hiring process. They were supportive both in finding new opportunities and understanding when I turned down positions that weren’t exactly the right fit. I have been incredibly happy with the school I have joined.

    Mónica María Castrillón

    Lower School Spanish Teacher
    Greenwich Country Day School

  • Educator’s Ally was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with throughout my job search.  They worked with me on a personal level, really taking the time to get to know me so that we could find a school that was truly the right fit for me. They are very knowledgeable with many years of experience, so were able to help me navigate my way through the independent school system from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process.  I am 100% satisfied with the work that they did and the relationship which we developed.

    Maggie Mund

    MS French Teacher
    The Buckley School

  • Educator’s Ally provided me with attentive and expert support while searching for a teaching position. I truly felt the kind of personal support you expect from family, and their expertise helped me obtain a position that is a truly perfect fit. I am deeply grateful for their help!

    Heather Watson

    4th Grade Head Teacher
    Trevor Day School

  • I relocated to New York from Atlanta in June, when most schools have made their hiring decisions for for the next year. I was nervous about finding a job so late in the hiring process, but Educator’s Ally found the perfect teaching job for me less than a month after my move. The team at EA takes the time to get to know you and your teaching style, has great relationships with all New York independent schools, and is dedicated to finding teachers the perfect school for them. I highly recommend Educator’s Ally to any teacher pursuing a career in New York.

    Sarah Wideman

    Assistant Teacher
    Collegiate School

  • Educator’s Ally took the time to get to know me and my strengths. They helped me stay focused on finding not just a job but a great fit, both professionally and personally. I’m very happy in my new position, and I highly recommend their services.

    Christina Young

    Middle and Upper School Learning Specialist
    Riverdale Country School

  • My experience with Educator’s Ally was excellent beyond description. My Placement Manager really listened to what I was looking for in a school and put me in touch with the best fits for me. She focused my search on the types of schools that I was looking for and, as a consequence, all of my interviews were at places that I could see myself working. Through her diligent work, I’ve ended up at my dream school and I couldn’t be happier.

    Catherine Bender

    Latin Teacher
    The Chapin School

  • I had the pleasure of working with Educator’s Ally in my search for an administrative position. The team at EA will enable you to focus on your work responsibilities because of the thorough search they conduct on your behalf. Their personal approach ensures that you will have a first look at jobs that are just right for you. They also have close relationships with the schools with which they work. Administrators trust their screening process and as result, your resume is far more likely to be considered than if you sent it on your own. The Placement Managers at EA have the right blend of warmth, support and professionalism to help prepare you for interviews and give you the confidence to succeed. I had a wonderful experience with Educator’s Ally and highly recommend using them in your job search.

    Meghan O'Callaghan

    Director of Lower and MS Admissions
    Hackley School

  • The process has been simply wonderful from my point of view because everyone was very welcoming and encouraging, the offer came quickly and it was a good one, and now everyone is looking forward to having me. Thanks to the EA team for working behind the scenes to make my candidacy a strong one.

    Andy Aronson

    Language Chair
    The Spence School

  • I cannot thank Educator’s Ally enough for guiding me through the school placement process. EA provides a personalized service that you cannot find anywhere else. It was a pleasure working with such a helpful and knowledgeable staff. With their years of experience, they were able to answer all of my questions. And, the proof is the great job offer that I just received!

    Dara Weisel

    Learning Specialist
    Trevor Day School

  • I would like to thank Educator’s Ally for their invaluable assistance in my job search last year.  Prior to contacting EA, I spent weeks scouring the Times and school websites for job adverts and wrote many application letters, but I did not get a single response.  Finally, I decided to change tack and approach an agency, and emailed Educator’s Ally.  That very same evening my Placement Manager responded and arranged to talk to me, and from then on she completely took over my job search.  In no time, I had a number of phone interviews, leading to three actual interviews, and soon after that two job offers in dream schools in Manhattan. Thank you Educator’s Ally!

    Susie Buhler

    MS/US Math
    Trinity School

  • Educator’s Ally took the time to get to know me. I felt comfortable that they would connect me with opportunities that really matched what I was looking for.  Everyone I spoke with at EA was incredibly nice and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Natalie Lin

    Mandarin Teacher
    Greens Farms Academy

  • My placement manager’s personalized approach in guiding me in my search was invaluable — she didn’t just do a blind sending to every school opening, but really hand picked and chose the schools that would best fit my needs. And when those positions opened, she was my most enthusiastic advocate. I highly recommend Educator’s Ally for their thoroughness, accessibility, and their dedication for finding the school that was truly the right fit for where I am in my career.

    Allison Albino

    MS/US French

  • The search with Educators Ally was a simple and easy process.  I felt fully supported and confident that they were making it their priority to help me find a job.  They were responsive to any and all questions I had about the process. All jobs that I was put in for were right in line with what I wanted to do.

    Valerie Angell

    MS/US Science
    Brooklyn Friends

  • My experience working with Educator’s Ally was wonderful! They were extremely attentive and great advocates for me during my job search. They really listened to what I was looking for and helped find the perfect school for me. I would definitely recommend Educator’s Ally to any educator.

    Bryan Rosen

    Technology Integrator
    Nightingale School

  • I consider myself lucky to have found Educator’s Ally to help me with my search. They really took the time to understand me and my goals. Beyond sending me leads, they were able to help me get a sense of the different schools so I was able to find the right place for me.

    Saber Khan

    Director of Educational Technology
    Browning School

  • I highly recommend Educator’s Ally as a resource for independent school careers. My Placement Manager was supportive, knowledgeable and tenacious in landing me a job where both my skill set and personality could be highlighted. EA is a true asset in a very competitive job market.

    Rashida McCarley

    Lower School Office
    Chapin School

  • Educator’s Ally was a tremendous help. From the moment they first contacted me until after I accepted a job position at a school that I felt was a great fit for me and that felt the same way about me, I have been supported and advised immensely by EA. They really made the effort to get to know me, get my input and feedback about what I wanted as well as challenge me to open up to even more possibilities. I thank them very much for everything they’ve done for me.

    Natasha Pena

    Assistant Teacher
    Collegiate School

  • Thank you so much for your support and all of your effort and guidance. EA was a dream to work with and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I am certainly an ally of Educator’s Ally and recommend EA to anyone following my footsteps.

    William Newman

    Assistant Teacher
    Brunswick School

  • Where Educator’s Ally really helped me out was in knowing me and knowing the schools they work with. When it came time to make some tough decisions, EA was able to speak with me candidly and confidentially about the pedagogies and philosophies of a variety of institutions and offer me compelling thoughts on where I fit best. I am grateful to them for their hard work and living up to their promise of a personalized, knowledgeable, and connected job search.

    Steele Sternberg

    Upper School History

  • Working with Educator’s Ally –both when I first entered the independent school world, and again more recently as I’ve searched for and found an exciting new position —  has helped me transform my career in the most positive ways. Because of your individual approach and your knowledge of the schools, I’ve trusted you to push me about exploring options I might otherwise have passed on —one of which has turned out to be simply ideal for me, and thanks to you I’ll be starting there soon. I always feel great about  recommending EA to any friend or colleague who is contemplating a job search.

    Gus Haracopos

    Lower School Counselor
    Spence School

  • Working with Educator’s Ally was the best decision that I made during my job search. They are knowledgeable, reliable, professional and extremely supportive. They were with me every step of the way and worked to find the best fit for my experience and interests. Their dedication and guidance was invaluable and I recommend them with full confidence.

    Libbet Megroz

    Early Childhood Administrator
    Episcopal School

  • The team at Educator’s Ally was instrumental in my job search. I was relocating from Texas to New York and their professional expertise helped me navigate an unfamiliar job market. They worked diligently to present my resume and information to schools with available positions. They were sensitive to my needs and worked on lining up interviews concurrently so my travel costs would be kept to a minimum. Their dedication and hard work helped me land a head teaching position at a very respected school in New York City. I couldn’t be happier with my position and the service I received from Educator’s Ally.

    Jennifer Ralston

    Lower School Head Teacher
    Trevor Day School

  • Throughout my search, the team at Educator’s Ally treated me with such a high degree of warmth and support that I felt as though I were being guided by friends. I never felt as though I were a dime a dozen; their personalized approach made me feel like my search truly mattered to them, which is rare. Their shared wealth of knowledge and vast network at independent schools proved invaluable. With their support, I found a position that suits me perfectly.

    Claire Rissman-Sherr

    Middle School English Teacher
    Riverdale Country School

  • I have worked with other recruitment agencies in the past, but my experience with Educator’s Ally was unique because of their personalized approach. They took the time to meet with me to learn more about my search and what I was looking for in a school. Furthermore, they have real relationships with the schools in the area so they were able to quickly find me a perfect match. Anyone can see a school’s facts on a website, but the Placement Counselors at EA know the specific culture and community of each school, which is so important to a prospective teacher. I appreciate all of the effort they put in to finding me a great position and would certainly recommend them to any other job seeker.

    Lisa Ancona

    Middle School History Teacher
    Greenwich Academy

  • I have had the benefit of working with Educator’s Ally from both sides. If you are hiring and contact them about a vacancy, they send you a carefully screened list of top quality candidates. If you are looking to be hired, they give you good advice about how to present yourself and get your resumes into the right hands. They manage the difficult balancing act of caring for both their candidates and their client schools.

    John Love

    Former Upper School Principal
    Fieldston School

  • Educator’s Ally was instrumental in my successful job search. The EA team provided unparalleled individualized attention throughout the entire process: resume feedback, frequent status updates, interview tips, and contract review. My favorite part of theprocess was the initial interview where my EA Placement Manager met with me to discuss my background and the type of position I was looking for. I felt she truly understood who I was as an educator and the qualities I was seeking in a school. I was confident she could advocate to find the perfect position for me. I highly recommend the personalized attention you receive. Thank you!!

    Elena Bottomley

    Elementary Teacher
    Horace Mann School