School Administrator Testimonials

  • I really appreciated working with EA throughout our leadership search. The personal, responsive, transparent and collegial approach the EA team brought to our search made them a pleasure to work with and resulted in our finding the right match.

    Aaron Cooper, New Canaan Country School

    Head of School

  • Please count on me as a reference for any school considering using your firm for a similar search. I am incredibly pleased with your responsiveness, advocacy for the candidates, and support through the entire hiring process.

    Jalene Thomas, St. Stephens and St. Agnes

    Lower School Director

  • Through the years EA has thoughtfully, consistently, and promptly provided the strongest candidates in the field for our searches. It is the organization that we go to first, and we have had tremendous success with our hires because of Educator’s Ally’s ability to provide top notch teachers and administrators.

    Chris Dunham, Browning

    Former MS Head

  • I can’t say enough about the work the EA team did to support Peck’s retained search. Lisa, Abby, and Brett were exhaustive in their approach, diligently screened candidates, and offered hiring expertise at every stage of the search. On many occasions, I remarked at how fortunate we were to work with them and know our successful search is due in large part to their support, guidance, and leadership. I look forward to future searches collaborating with the EA team.

    Andy Delinsky, The Peck School

    Head of School

  • I had the benefit of working with Educator’s Ally from both sides. If you are hiring and contact them about a vacancy, they send you a carefully screened list of top quality candidates. If you are looking to be hired, they give you good advice about how to present yourself and get your resumes into the right hands. They manage the difficult balancing act of caring for both their candidates and their client schools.

    John Love, Fieldston

    Former Upper School Principal

  • Educator’s Ally really is the gold standard as far as transparency and partnership.

    Paul Baly, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School

    Middle School Director

  • Working with Educator’s Ally is an absolute pleasure. They know our school, they know their candidates, and they are committed to facilitating excellent matches. We don’t run a search without calling them.

    Mark Feiner, Greenwich Academy

    Associate Head of School

  • Over many years Educator’s Ally has provided Trevor with great teachers. I know I can count on them to carefully vet candidates and to send only those people who have the right qualifications for the position. They listen carefully to what we are looking for, I trust their judgment, and they have a good sense of which teachers will be a good match for our school. When we have a last minute opening or a leave replacement, I call EA first because I know they will respond quickly with great candidates. Already this year they have helped us with two last minute hires!

    Lisa Alberti, Miss Hall's School

    Dean of Academics and Faculty

    (former Associate Head of School at Trevor Day)

  • Educator’s Ally is our first call in the event that we have an expected position opening up. Always receptive and interested in making the best match, I have found, without fail, that they work extremely hard to bring any Faculty or Staff search to a successful conclusion. I literally cannot count how many current members of our Faculty or Staff came to Brunswick via EA and that includes me, a once-young History teacher, 25 years ago.

    Thomas W. Philip, Brunswick


  • Educator’s Ally conducted two very successful searches for the Convent of the Sacred Heart. The EA team presented a slate of very qualified applicants, organized their files in a clear, manageable way and offered wise and useful advice throughout the entire process. The school community benefited tremendously from their professional and competent management of these extensive searches.

    Joe Ciancaglini, CSH NY

    Head of School

  • We appreciate the thoughtful, honest review of each candidate that Educator’s Ally provides, which offers ample evidence that they have engaged in a substantive interview and reference process. EA is interested in not just finding a fit but in finding the right fit for their candidates.

    Elizabeth Stevens, Hewitt

    Head of Upper School

Candidate/Teacher Testimonials

  • I wouldn’t have a job without Educator’s Ally. My placement manager helped me get all of my application materials together, kept me up to date with job postings, and, most importantly, got schools interested in me before I had even applied.

    Tyler B.

    5th Grade Latin Fellow

  • The other firm I was working with treated me like yet another file, but Educator’s Ally took the time to get to know me as a candidate and as a person. They truly are an ally in your search process. My Placement Manager offered valuable input throughout the process, took the time to listen to feedback, and used EA’s vast network of schools to land me interviews. From the timely email replies, resume advice, and feedback on job interviews, EA’s personal approach made all the difference. My Placement Manager was a fantastic partner in my search, and that partnership remained in place every step of the way.

    While other firms rely on promoting large conferences, EA provides you with personal connections with hiring managers that grow your network through meaningful relationships. If I walked in the door as an EA candidate, I knew it gave me added credibility as a candidate. Their personalized approach provided me with fantastic opportunities and all of this support and I wasn’t even charged a fee. My Placement Manager at EA played an integral role in helping me to obtain an offer from a school that is a dream fit. If I were a college student looking to teach at an independent school, or an experienced educator interested in advancing my career, my first step would be to connect with EA.

    Matthew T.

    Upper School Teaching Fellow

  • Working with EA made the job search process so much smoother than if I searched on my own. Whether providing timely openings, edits to resumes or cover letters, tips for searching for a job during COVID-19, or guidance in the decision-making process, my placement manager was so helpful, and I know I benefitted from her support and expertise. I highly recommend EA if you are beginning a job search.

    Maeve V.

    Upper School History

  • There is definitely a difference between EA and its competitors — I appreciated my Placement Manager’s awareness of and attention to my specific strengths and needs, which gave me a lot more confidence and hope as the search continued. In addition, with EA there was clearer and more regular communication about all the ins and outs of the whole process, as well as a more regular and focused stream of referrals.

    Gabriel A.

    Upper School English

  • Educator’s Ally was a truly stellar advocate and guide in every step of my search! My EA placement manager was always available and professional, showing immense dedication and attention to my particular goals. I’ve found other agencies to be impersonal and I felt lost in the shuffle. I firmly believe that I would not have attained my new art teacher position without being represented by Educator’s Ally.

    Rachel W.

    Lower School Art

  • Educator’s Ally helped to make a stressful job search process feel manageable. I felt supported every step of the way and felt like I was seen and known as an individual, and not just a name in a database. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend EA to anyone in the independent school job search process.

    3rd Grade Head Teacher

  • Working with EA, I truly felt I was working with a person rather than a faceless algorithm. My representative took my location and job type preferences seriously, in addition to communicating with me clearly. She even fixed a communication error with the school that ended up hiring me! Working with Educator’s Ally has been a lifesaver.

    Allyson T.

    Math Teacher

  • “Educator’s Ally made what could’ve been a stressful process smooth and straightforward. They believed in me as an educator, sending my potential placements at an array of schools, many of which I might not have considered myself qualified for as someone coming into the profession with no prior experience. The entire EA team was incredibly communicative, responding to emails and providing insights on application materials. Though perhaps even more than any of that, because of their support I was fortunate to get two job offers — during the coronavirus pandemic. They took the time to help me consider which job would be the best fit, even providing guidance on salary negotiations. I am confident I wouldn’t have ended up at a school as incredible as the one I’ll be working at this fall if it weren’t for EA. Their dedication and guidance were invaluable during this process. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

    Katie D.

    Humanities Fellow

  • Educator’s Ally made what could have been a stressful process smooth and straightforward. MY EA placement manager believed in me as an educator, sending me referrals from an array of schools, many of which I might not have considered myself qualified for as someone coming into the profession with no prior independent school teaching experience. The entire EA team was incredibly communicative, responding to emails and providing insights on application materials. Even more than any of that, because of their support I was fortunate to receive two job offers — during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic! My EA placement manager took the time to help me decide which job would be the best fit, even providing guidance on salary negotiations. I am confident I wouldn’t have ended up at a school as incredible as the one I’ll be working at this fall if it weren’t for EA. Their dedication and guidance were invaluable during this process. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

    Jeffrey R.

    US Science Teacher

  • I wanted to thank you so very much for all of your help and guidance and patience and attentive work during my job search. I could not have made this next step in life without you! It really stood out how receptive and caring you were during the process. I knew I could rely on you to answer my questions, point me in the right direction, be a sounding board, and do all of the behind-the-scenes work you do! I really appreciate how quickly you responded to my emails and how clear you were when explaining things to me. I know I’m just another teacher in your pool, but to me you were my rock and leader! And, for the second time in my life, I landed a dream job because of Educator’s Ally! I sincerely thank you. Maybe I’ll never look for a new job again, but if I do, I’ll know where to go!

    Rachel P.

    5th Grade Head Teacher

  • I am so grateful to Educator’s Ally for helping me now through two successful job searches! I used EA two years ago to help find my first job at an independent school that I have absolutely loved working at. As my program at this school comes to a close this May, I have been using EA’s help again to find the next step in my teaching career. My placement manager has gotten to know me and my teaching style and truly guided me throughout my search–especially since many schools have begun distance learning. She reached out to schools with sample teaching videos I had put together to help aid my application while we are unable to visit campuses in-person. I am so grateful for all her efforts and am happy to announce that I will be teaching at a new school this coming fall 2020. I definitely recommend Educator’s Ally to anyone searching for a position in independent schools, and absolutely plan on using them again for any future job searches!

    Isabelle D.


  • EA was a critical component in my job search. Before I connected with them, I was at a complete loss; it felt like I had so many things to do all at once and, this being my first post college job search, I was completely overwhelmed. The first thing my placement manager did when I connected with her was get to know me better by learning about my experiences and goals. She was very reassuring and had full confidence that I would secure a job (which was incredibly helpful because I wasn’t that confident). She provided me with an extensive list of schools and available positions to apply for, as well as tips on how to perfect my resume, cover letter, and interview. In addition to this, she offered general advice/ recommendations, and these resources really helped me fine-tune my portfolio. Bottom line, she was a kind, helpful, responsive (she responded to my emails so quickly!) and supportive mentor. I highly encourage anyone doing a job search in the independent school world to connect with EA. My placement manager was the best thing to happen to me during my job search, and without her I might not have gotten a job!

    Kyle Z.

    Lower School Associate Teacher

  • The EA experience should be a no brainer for anyone searching for a teaching job. Of all the independent school recruitment firms, EA is the most hands-on, communicative, and supportive. I have used them for years and I know that when my teaching journey diverges I will be in touch with them again. Thanks, EA!

    Margaret B.

    Lower School Head Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally has been an invaluable guide and resource during my job search this year. Not only was my Placement Manager incredibly responsive and communicative throughout the process since I first connected with her in October, but she was able to provide essential guidance while I was negotiating between job offers. The next time I am looking for job opportunities, I know exactly who I will trust to help me find my next professional home!

    Jennifer F.

    Upper Elementary Head Teacher

  • I can’t thank Educator’s Ally enough for the support they provided me throughout my search process. From advice on editing my application materials, to sending me a wide variety of job postings tailored to my profile and interests, I appreciate the way my placement manager took the time to get to know me and my professional goals while helping me overcome the challenges that came with conducting this search from abroad. With the honesty, professionalism, and warmth that I received from EA, I was able to approach my search with confidence and find the perfect position. Thank you!

    Andrea B.

    French Teaching Fellow

  • As a soon-to-be college graduate, I am so grateful to EA for helping me through the process of finding the right teaching position. They made my first job search less stressful by checking in throughout the process, offering advice, and communicating with schools directly on my behalf.

    Louisa E.

    Teaching Fellow in Math

  • EA’s ability to personalize their search to my individual career aspirations constantly impressed and surprised me. Not only was their knowledge of the independent world incredibly thorough and their referrals well-tailored to my preferences, but they took a real interest in what my career needed in order to flourish, and provided invaluable guidance when I needed it. I definitely would not have found my current position without EA, or even thought to apply for it without my placement manager’s advice, and it wound up being the ideal fit for the next stage in my career.

    Sarah H.

    MS/US English Teacher

  • Working with Educator’s Ally as I searched for a short term leave position was a fantastic experience. My placement manager consistently notified me of potential opportunities in my area, making my search as easy as possible. She was very accessible and understood my needs, guiding me to a school that matched my beliefs perfectly. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my Placement Manager and the team at EA. I am grateful to have worked with such a wonderful organization – and to now be part of the EA Team!

    Michelle Boccuzzi

    5th Grade English (Family Leave)

  • My experience working with Educator’s Ally was beyond exceptional. My Placement Manger detected my strengths and worked to advocate for me in support of them. Thanks to her vision, I found and was hired at the school of my dreams. The search process was smooth and professional. My placement manager gave me insights into everything I needed and also made me feel confident and ready to jump into the market. Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude to EA for their personalized service. Thank you!

    Vivian B.

    LS Music Teacher

  • “I am so grateful for all of the support and guidance I received while working with Educator’s Ally. My placement manager put a great amount of time, thought, and effort into getting to know me so that she could focus on making sure that the schools she matched me with would be the right fit. Not only did she consistently check in with me about the most up to date openings throughout the winter and spring, but she also went out of her way to follow up with me after I made progress with my candidacy at various schools. Whenever I was in need of advice or suggestions, my placement manager was always willing to take time out of her busy schedule to talk through my questions on the phone. I can’t thank the EA team enough for all they did to set me up for success.”

    Mary S.

    English Teacher

  • Based on the recommendation of a friend who moved across country, and after failing to find a job on my own, I decided to sign up with Educator’s Ally. My experience with them was great. It was nice to have someone in my corner who gave advice, advocated for me, and helped me secure a job from states away. I would definitely recommend their services, and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    Danielle R.

    Head Teacher

  • I had a wonderful experience working with Educator’s Ally and the support I received in the process was far above the norm. They provided a very personal approach and helped me to identify the opportunities that were the right fit for my skills and experience. My Placement Manager expertly guided me through each step and provided valuable coaching along the way that ultimately made all the difference.

    Kate L.

    Assistant to Head of School, Front Office Manager

  • Educator’s Ally provided me with resources, advocated for me throughout my job search process and connected me with new opportunities I would have never found on my own. It was an absolute joy to work with the team and I cannot thank them enough for their help! We now have a lasting relationship that I will be able to turn to in the future when looking for my next job.

    Holli O.

    Math Fellow

  • I can’t thank the EA team enough for all their support and hard work. Anytime someone mentions that they’re exploring opportunities in schools I mention Educator’s Ally and what an awesome resource the firm is. Navigating jobs and finding a new school is a really tough process and I’m thankful that I had EA to help! I’ll continue to recommend Educator’s Ally as a phenomenal job seeking tool for independent school professionals.

    Greg D.

    Assistant Director of Admissions

  • Educator’s Ally was an invaluable asset in my search for employment. As a college student, it can be daunting finding a job right out of school but my Placement Manager did a great job of keeping me informed of opportunities and speaking on my behalf to schools where I desired to work. She kept in contact with me throughout the process, paying close attention to the preferences that I set out for her and suggesting schools aligned with those preferences. And even after I found a job, she made sure that everything worked out. I will wholeheartedly recommend EA to anyone looking for a teaching position and they will be the first place that I turn to once I finish my fellowship and start a new search.

    Chase P.

    History Fellow

  • Educator’s Ally was a top notch search firm to work with. From the first phone call, until I received an offer, I was supported the entire time. My placement manager was always available to answer any questions and offer advice throughout the process. I highly recommend EA as they will advocate for you and continuously work until the deal is complete.

    Jeremy H.

    Associate Director of Lower School

  • Working with Educator’s Ally gave me the confidence that I was presenting my best self to the best schools. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all that you need to do for a job search but EA took my anxiety away by providing guidance every step of the way. I trusted my placement manager’s advice and took it to heart and am happy to say that just a couple of months after starting to work with them I have landed my first teaching position!

    McKenna W.

    Head Elementary Teacher

  • EA was the right choice for me because of the personal approach my placement manager took to my search. I wasn’t just an application the agency was trying to stick somewhere. I felt like my Placement Manager really heard what I was saying, in terms of what type of school, environment, position, location I wanted. My Placement Manager advocated on my behalf with schools so things moved more quickly. She saw me as a person and sent me job postings that actually made sense for me. She was also very wise at explaining the market and helping me strategize. I would definitely use Educator’s Ally again, and have already recommended them to my friends.

    Ali M.

    Middle School Math Teacher

  • My contact at Educator’s Ally was truly hands-on; she called, texted or emailed me after every interview, asking how it went and how I felt about the process. She even helped me get a sense for what salary expectations would be for the position I was looking at when I was closer to being made an offer. I also appreciated that because she spoke to the institutions on my behalf, it sometimes meant I had less writing to do to sell myself because she had come to understand me as a candidate and helped do some of that marketing work to the institution on my behalf. I hadn’t used EA before this, but would definitely use them again in the future!

    Kojo C.

    Director of Diversity

  • I had a truly excellent experience working with EA! Thoughtful and professional, my Placement Manager customized my job search based on my location and position preferences and worked closely with me throughout my job search. She was consistently available to offer me feedback on cover letters and to send me referrals that matched my specific interests. Educator’s Ally makes the job search manageable by providing its clients with the best services available for teachers. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

    Sonja H.

    Art Teacher

  • My experience with EA was so helpful and beneficial to my job search! I hadn’t heard of Educator’s Ally in my previous searches, but I was so happy to have found them this time around. I was also signed up with another placement agency, and they were helpful in finding me openings, but that was about it. In contrast, I really felt that my Placement Manager was there to help me work through what I was looking for in my search and offered great advice to help me feel like I was supported the whole way through. Educator’s Ally is in your corner, for sure!

    Kelsie F.

    Latin Teacher

  • Right out of the gate my EA representative was in constant communication and kept me up to speed on the process and schools’ timelines. The advice I received going into the interviews on exactly what the school was looking for in their next appointment, and how I fit into that picture, was invaluable. In the lull that can occur between the on-campus interview days and the school’s decision, my Placement Manager kept me abreast of where things were and was vital in keeping lines of communication open and clearly relaying my timeline and interest in the position to the prospective school. Once the offer was made, my representative advised me throughout the negotiations. All in all, it was a very personalized process led by a highly professional and experienced team.

    Karl P.

    Head of US

  • My EA Placement Manager was incredibly helpful throughout my search process. We connected multiple times with updates and developments. She took the time to get to know me and my professional goals. She offered helpful advice throughout the process, and I was thrilled to accept a great offer! Thank you for your help!

    Daniel S.

    Head of Lower School

  • Educator’s Ally did an incredible job of finding me the perfect job! My Placement Manager completely believed in me and supported me as a candidate and kept looking for jobs that would fit my skill set and my personality. I could not believe how hard she worked, continually referring me for positions until I finally got the perfect job for me! The EA Team is wonderful. I highly recommend them!

    Perry M.

    Lower School Art Teacher

  • I could not have made the ‘leap’ from Assistant Teacher to Head Teacher without the care and personal attention with which my EA Placement Manager treated my job search.

    Ariel S.

    Lower School Head Teacher

  • I truly appreciate the support I received throughout the process. My EA Placement Manager made it a very easy and seamless process. I will certainly recommend Educator’s Ally to colleagues who are exploring opportunities.

    Lisa J.

    Lower School Learning Specialist

  • I am grateful to the supportive, diligent team at EA. Their friendly, engaging staff were commited to helping me find the right “fit” when returning back to work as a full time reading specialist. I recommend them with much enthusiasm! EA is determined to help you find your teaching home, even if you aren’t sure of what it is quite yet.

    Caitlin B.

    Lower School Learning Specialist

  • Educator’s Ally was a perfect choice. They had a great target school for me when I signed up with them very late in the season. Every step of the way, the EA team gave me the type of personal attention that made me feel I was their only candidate for that job or any other. I would recommend EA to others and use them again.

    Anne M.

    Upper School Biology Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally truly helped make my job search as smooth a process as possible. My placement manager was incredibly attentive to my hopes and interests, constantly updating me with various positions that were exactly what I was looking for. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and passion towards helping me find the perfect job for me.

    Isabelle D.

    Associate Teacher

  • When circumstances were such that I found myself suddenly unemployed midyear, I immediately turned to Educator’s Ally for help. My Placement Manager took the time to not only fully understand my experience and skills, but also to grasp the type of school and position I was looking for. Unlike other agencies that send any opening your way, my EA Placement Manager was strategic and deliberate in what openings she discussed with me. She also helped me craft my resume and cover letter to best position myself for each individual opportunity and she was a true ally through the entire search process. Thanks to EA, I have accepted a new position which I know is going to be a great fit for me and for the school. My Placement Manager’s attention to detail and concerns for the needs of the school and my qualifications as a candidate made this process as stress-free as possible. I cannot thank EA enough!

    Heather B.

    Director of Strategic Communications

  • It was a short but sweet experience working with Educator’s Ally, which was exactly what was needed! I was late in the game with the hiring season but my Placement Manager was able to take me in, learn about my passion for teaching and understand what I was looking for in a new school. The same week that we had our initial phone call she connected me with schools. My Placement Manager created a search that was based on what I was looking for but also schools/areas that I didn’t necessarily think about initially. Within a few weeks of our initial phone interview, I not only had interviews set up, but I also had a job offer! I am very thankful for connecting and working with Educator’s Ally. Thank you!

    AnnMarie R.

    PreK Head Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally was my true pathway to getting a full-time teaching position. The portfolio they put together for their candidates is extremely professional. I believe that’s how I got my foot-in-the-door to interview in the first place. EA has an excellent reputation in the independent school world. In fact, the Dean of the first school from which I received an offer told me that Educator’s Ally had helped him find his first teaching position. As it turns out, it was at the same school where he is presently Dean. Thank you EA for helping me secure my dream job!!

    Janet H.

    2nd Grade Teacher

  • The very first time I connected with my Educator’s Ally placement manager, I knew that I would be well taken care of; she instantly made me feel like I was part of a team that had my best interests at heart. My Placement Manager always made me feel like a valued client. Because I was returning to the classroom after an absence, she found me the perfect long-term substituting situation. After that job was over, she worked with me to find a full-time teaching position that had absolutely everything on my wish list. Anytime I had a question or a comment, she responded promptly. I would definitely choose Educator’s Ally and their one-on-one personal touch again.

    Jessica K.

    Middle School English Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally is the reason I was able to obtain a new position for next year. The EA team is extremely thorough with their search process and has so much knowledge and background about independent schools. My Placement Manager was exceptionally dedicated to finding me a new position and was always responsive and receptive to the types of position I was seeking. I cannot thank Educator’s Ally enough for their help and commitment. I am beyond excited to start at my new school in the fall!

    Nicole H.

    Head PreK Teacher

  • I had a wonderful experience with EA. My Placement Manager was cognizant of what I was looking for in a school, and what would be a good fit for me. They followed up after every interview and provided sound advice when negotiating multiple offers. I highly recommend Educator’s Ally.

    Jennifer M.

    LS Head Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally takes the time to know you as an individual and a professional. They are efficient and give you guidance when you need it navigating the job process. When you work with them, you’re working with people who are knowledgeable about schools and offer sound advice about next steps to take in your search.

    Katie S.

    LS Head Teacher

  • My Placement Manager’s guidance and transparency throughout the hiring process was constructive, thoughtful, and supportive. Her approach resulted in streamlining my resume into an impactful and succinct document that showcased my experiences well. Overall, I appreciated that I felt “known” and not like just another job candidate. I would recommend Educator’s Ally without reservation!

    Xiomara H.

    Director of MS/US Admissions

  • Educator’s Ally worked tirelessly for me in my search to become an Upper School math teacher. After working for years at the Middle School level, finally being able to teach US students is amazing! After only two interviews, I had an offer. My Placement Manager then worked on my behalf in the salary negotiation process as well. Thanks to EA, I’m now working in a school environment that really aligns with my personal and professional values.

    Blake B.

    Math Teacher

  • I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Educator’s Ally. My Placement Manager played an integral role in assisting with my job search and made the recruitment process smooth and painless. Their personal approach to the business of independent school hiring helped me to connect with a school that’s the right fit for me.

    Rohan C.

    Middle School Art Teacher

  • The team at Educator’s Ally was instrumental in my job search. I was relocating from Texas to New York City and their professional expertise helped me navigate an unfamiliar job market. They worked diligently to present my resume and information to schools with available positions. They were sensitive to my needs and worked on lining up interviews concurrently so my travel costs would be kept to a minimum. Their dedication and hard work helped me land a head teaching position at a highly respected school. I couldn’t be happier with my position and the personalized service I received from Educator’s Ally.

    Jennifer R.

    Lower School Head Teacher

  • I had been away from teaching full-time for several years. Educator’s Ally recognized my past experience and found the perfect head teacher position for me.

    Tina B.

    PreK Teacher

  • Throughout my search, the team at Educator’s Ally treated me with such a high degree of warmth and support that I felt as though I were being guided by friends. I never felt as though I were a dime a dozen; their personalized approach made me feel like my search truly mattered to them, which is rare. Their shared wealth of knowledge and vast network at independent schools proved invaluable. With their support, I found a position that suits me perfectly.

    Claire R.

    Middle School English Teacher

  • I have worked with other recruitment agencies in the past, but my experience with Educator’s Ally was unique because of their personalized approach. They took the time to learn more about my search and what I was looking for in a school. Furthermore, they have real relationships with schools so they were able to quickly find me a perfect match. Anyone can see a school’s facts on a website, but the Placement Managers at EA know the specific culture and community of each school, which is so important to a prospective teacher. I appreciate all of the effort they put into finding me a great position and would certainly recommend them to any other job seeker.

    Lisa A.

    Middle School History Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally was instrumental in my successful job search. The EA team provided unparalleled individualized attention throughout the entire process: resume feedback, frequent status updates, interview tips, and contract review. My favorite part of the process was my initial interview during which my EA Placement Manager took time to learn about my background and the types of positions I was looking for. I felt she truly understood who I was as an educator and the qualities I was seeking in a school. I was confident she could advocate to find the perfect position for me – and she did!

    Elena B.

    Lower School Head Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally helped me to find the job I wanted, in a school and community that was the right fit for me. They have an outstanding knowledge of the independent school community, and develop personal relationships with their schools and their candidates. My EA Placement Manager was thorough and reliable throughout the search, and provided me with honest feedback and guidance that led to my dream job.

    Veronica A.

    Lower School Learning Specialist

  • My EA placement manager’s personalized approach in guiding me in my search was invaluable — she didn’t just do a blind sending to every school opening, but really hand picked and chose the schools that would best fit my needs and desires. And when those positions opened, she was my most enthusiastic advocate. I highly recommend Educator’s Ally for their thoroughness, accessibility, and their dedication for finding the school that was truly the right fit for where I am in my career.

    Allison A.

    French Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally has been immensely helpful in making my dream of becoming a teacher a reality. The breadth of resources that were made available to me through EA helped me navigate a job market I would have been otherwise unprepared for as a student in college. However, the most impactful quality of Educator’s Ally is the personalized attention. My Placement Manager checked in on my status regularly and offered helpful advice at every step of the way. I had a fantastic experience working with EA and would highly recommend their services.

    Ryan C.

    Math Fellow

  • My search for a lower school head teaching position with Educator’s Ally was a pleasure. My Placement Manager was very friendly, thorough and responsive. They kept me informed of opportunities and walked me through each step in the process. Ultimately, I got a fantastic offer at a school which feels like an authentic fit for my personal and educational values. I would highly recommend EA to any educator looking for a new position!

    Kari S.

    LS Head Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally is best in class. They give other search firms a run for their money. They get to know you, email and text you regularly with updates, and get it done. My search lasted a little over a month and resulted in multiple interviews and a wonderful offer!

    Sam M.

    Development Associate

  • Thank you so very much for all of your guidance and advice throughout this whole process. It has been truly invaluable having you there to answer questions and help with everything every step of the way.

    Kayley M.

    Visual Arts Fellow

  • My EA Placement Manager’s advice and guidance was invaluable, and I am so appreciative of everything that she did for me. I’ll definitely plan to get back in touch when my fellowship is ending and I look forward to working together in the coming years.

    Kate S.


  • I want to thank you for listening to me regarding what I was looking for for next year and working with me to get me ahead in those opportunities. I am very grateful and look forward to working with the EA team in the future.

    Abby C.

    English Fellow

  • Working with Educator’s Ally was the best decision that I made during my job search. They are knowledgeable, reliable, professional and extremely supportive. My Placement Manager was with me every step of the way and worked to find the best fit for my experience and interests. The EA Team’s dedication and guidance was invaluable and I recommend them with full confidence.

    Libbet M.

    Early Childhood Admin

  • Working with Educator’s Ally — both when I first entered the independent school world, and again more recently as I’ve searched for and found an exciting new position, has helped me transform my career in the most positive ways. Because of their personal approach, and thorough knowledge of the independent school world, I trusted my Placement Manager to push me about exploring options I might otherwise have passed on — one of which has turned out to be simply ideal for me. I always feel great about recommending EA to any friend or colleague who is contemplating a job search.

    Gus H.

    Lower School Counselor

  • Where Educator’s Ally really helped me out was in knowing me and knowing the schools with which they work. When it came time to make some tough decisions, my EA Placement Manager was able to speak with me candidly and confidentially about the pedagogies and philosophies of a variety of institutions and offer me compelling thoughts on where I fit best. I am grateful to my PM for her hard work and for living up to their promise of a personalized, knowledgeable, and connected job search.

    Steele S.

    Upper School History Teacher

  • Thank you so much for your support and all of your effort and guidance. EA was a dream to work with and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I am certainly an ally of Educator’s Ally and recommend EA to anyone doing a job search in independent schools.

    William N.

    Associate Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally was a tremendous help to me in my job search. From the moment I was first contacted, until I accepted a position at a school that felt like a great fit, I’ve been supported and advised immensely by EA. My Placement Manager made a real effort to get to know me, and took time to understand what I really wanted in a new position. She also challenged me to be open to opportunities I hadn’t initially considered. I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for me.

    Natasha P.

    Associate Teacher

  • I highly recommend Educator’s Ally as a resource for independent school educators looking to make a move. My EA Placement Manager was supportive, knowledgeable and tenacious in landing me a job where both my skill set and personality could be highlighted. EA is a true asset in a very competitive job market.

    Rashida M.

    Assistant to the Head of Lower School

  • I consider myself lucky to have found Educator’s Ally to help me with my search. My EA Placement Manager really took the time to understand me and my goals. Beyond sending me leads, she was able to help me get a sense of the different schools so I was able to find the right place for me.

    Saber K.

    Director of Educational Technology

  • My experience working with Educator’s Ally was wonderful! My Placement Manager was extremely attentive and a great advocate for me during my job search. Because she took the time to get to know me, she knew what I was looking for and helped find the perfect school for me. I would definitely recommend Educator’s Ally to any educator.

    Bryan R.

    Tech Integrator

  • My search with Educator’s Ally was a simple and easy process. I felt fully supported and confident that my Placement Manager was making it a priority to help me find a job. She was responsive to any and all questions I had about the process. All jobs that I was referred for were right in line with what I wanted to do.

    Valerie A.

    Science Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally took the time to get to know me. I felt confident that I would be connected with opportunities that really matched what I was looking for. Everyone I spoke with at EA was incredibly nice and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Natalie L.

    Mandarin Teacher

  • I would like to thank Educator’s Ally for their invaluable assistance in my job search last year. Prior to contacting EA, I spent weeks scouring the New York Times and school websites for job adverts and wrote many application letters, but I did not get a single response. Finally, I decided to change tack and approach an agency, and emailed Educator’s Ally. That very same evening my Placement Manager responded and arranged to talk to me, and from then on she completely took over my job search. In no time, I had a number of phone interviews, leading to three actual interviews, and soon after that two job offers at dream schools in Manhattan. Thank you Educator’s Ally!

    Susie B.

    Math Teacher

  • I cannot thank Educator’s Ally enough for guiding me through the school placement process. EA provides a personalized service that you cannot find anywhere else. It was a pleasure working with such a helpful and knowledgeable staff. With their years of experience, they were able to answer all of my questions. And, the proof is the great job offer that I just received!

    Dara W.

    Learning Specialist

  • I relocated to NYC from Atlanta in June, long after most schools have made their hiring decisions for the next year. I was nervous about finding a job so late in the hiring process but Educator’s Ally found me the perfect teaching job less than a month after my move. The EA team takes the time to get to know you and your teaching style, has great relationships with their schools, and is dedicated to finding teachers the perfect school for them. I highly recommend Educator’s Ally to any teacher exploring opportunities in independent schools.

    Sarah W.

    Associate Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally took the time to get to know me and my strengths. They helped me stay focused on finding not just a job but a great fit, both professionally and personally. I’m very happy in my new position, and I highly recommend their services.

    Christina Y.

    Middle and Upper School Learning Specialist

  • Educator’s Ally provided me with attentive and expert support while searching for a teaching position. I truly felt the kind of personal support you expect from family, and their expertise helped me obtain a position that is a truly perfect fit. I am deeply grateful for their help!

    Heather W.

    4th Grade Head Teacher

  • The process has been simply wonderful from my point of view because everyone was very welcoming and encouraging, the offer came quickly and it was a good one, and now everyone is looking forward to having me. Thanks to the EA team for working behind the scenes to make my candidacy a strong one.

    Andy A.

    Language Chair

  • I had the pleasure of working with Educator’s Ally in my search for an administrative position. The team at EA will enable you to focus on your work responsibilities because of the thorough search they conduct on your behalf. Their personal approach ensures that you will have a first look at jobs that are just right for you. They also have close relationships with the schools with which they work. Administrators trust their screening process and as result, your resume is far more likely to be considered than if you sent it on your own. The Placement Managers at EA have the right blend of warmth, support and professionalism to help prepare you for interviews and give you the confidence to succeed. I had a wonderful experience with Educator’s Ally and highly recommend using them in your job search.

    Meghan O.

    Director of Lower and Middle School Admissions

  • My experience with Educator’s Ally was excellent beyond description. My Placement Manager really listened to what I was looking for in a school and put me in touch with the best fits for me. She focused my search on the types of schools that I was looking for and, as a consequence, all of my interviews were at places that I could see myself working. Through her diligent work, I’ve ended up at my dream school and I couldn’t be happier.

    Catherine B.

    Latin Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with throughout my job search. My Placement Manager worked with me on a personal level, really taking the time to get to know me so that we could find a school that was truly the right fit. Her deep knowledge of the independent school world, and the hiring process, helped me navigate my way through the the recruitment process from start to finish. I’m 100% satisfied with the work that she did on my behalf and have no question in my mind that EA would be my first (and only!) call should I be looking to make a change in the future. .

    Maggie M.

    Middle School French Teacher

  • Educator’s Ally was a fantastic partner during my job search. They matched me with exactly the type of positions I was looking for and were incredibly helpful during the interview and hiring process. They were supportive both in finding new opportunities and understanding when I turned down positions that weren’t exactly the right fit. I have been incredibly happy with the school I have joined.

    Monica L.

    Lower School Spanish Teacher