The Independent School Hiring Timeline

If you’re new to the independent school search landscape, you may be unfamiliar with the general timeline during which hiring takes place. While there can sometimes be confusion relating to this process, Educator’s Ally is here to help you every step of the way. Check out this monthly breakdown of the hiring process to learn exactly what to expect.

September – November
Connect with your EA Placement Manager
The first step in the EA hiring process is to let your Placement Manager (PM) know that you want to search for a job. At this time in the hiring process, start updating your documents: have a resume, personal statement, reference list, reference letters, and transcripts prepared. Film yourself teaching a lesson if possible. You should also begin to think about what you’re looking for in your next steps.

December – January
Refine your documents
At this time of year, schools often share confidential openings with EA that haven’t yet gone public. It’s also common for senior administrator openings to arise. Make sure all of your information is up to date so that you can hit the ground running once the hiring season begins, especially with early openings.

February – March
Stay in touch
Hiring season has officially begun! This is the busiest time for openings, so make sure you stay in touch with your PM to confirm your interest or let her know if openings are not appealing to you. Schools may also start the interview process, so use this time to brush up on your interview skills. Need to practice? Ask your PM to share some common interview questions so you can start to craft your answers.

April – May
Prepare for interview and demo lesson season
This is the peak season for teaching interviews, demo lessons, campus visits, job offers, and salary negotiations. However, each search moves at its own speed, and one school may be farther along in the process than another, so keep in touch with your PM with updates on the status of your searches. The more your PM knows about your search, the more helpful she can be in terms of navigating various timelines and openings. This includes keeping your PM abreast of any contract deadlines you’re facing at your current school.

June – August
While hiring can continue through June, most searches are wrapped up by the end of the school year. There can be last-minute openings during the summer, but these are rare. Congratulations on making it through the job search and interview process. Celebrate your new job!

Please note that while the independent school hiring season typically follows this timeline, each school moves at its own pace, and hiring does happen year-round. While the job search and interview process can be daunting, Educator’s Ally is here to help our candidates in any way we can. Interested in learning more about how EA can personalize your search? Apply today!

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