Kyle Z.

EA was a critical component in my job search. Before I connected with them, I was at a complete loss; it felt like I had so many things to do all at once and, this being my first post college job search, I was completely overwhelmed. The first thing my placement manager did when I connected with her was get to know me better by learning about my experiences and goals. She was very reassuring and had full confidence that I would secure a job (which was incredibly helpful because I wasn’t that confident). She provided me with an extensive list of schools and available positions to apply for, as well as tips on how to perfect my resume, cover letter, and interview. In addition to this, she offered general advice/ recommendations, and these resources really helped me fine-tune my portfolio. Bottom line, she was a kind, helpful, responsive (she responded to my emails so quickly!) and supportive mentor. I highly encourage anyone doing a job search in the independent school world to connect with EA. My placement manager was the best thing to happen to me during my job search, and without her I might not have gotten a job!

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