Coltrane H.

Educator’s Ally is an organization that lives up to its name. I didn’t hesitate to choose EA over other agencies the second time I was looking for a teaching position, and I was super delighted to get to work with the same representative I had the first time. My representative is more than just a Placement Manager. Not only is she a readily communicative professional who thoughtfully curates opportunities that align with my preferences, but she also encourages me to consider options that speak to my potential. I have not once doubted her ability to represent me at other schools and am always grateful to have a reliable guide who can help me navigate what would otherwise be an overwhelming array of schools! As I looked to return to boarding schools, Educator’s Ally was an incredibly powerful and helpful resource for me, enabling me to make an informed decision and to ultimately end up at a school that both excites and inspires me. During the course of the process, my placement manager listened to my ideas and actively guided me along the hiring season, often providing important context and relevant information needed to navigate a given interview or negotiation. Having worked with other agencies in the past, what truly set EA apart was the level of attention placed to my candidacy and the willingness of my placement manager to help in any way possible. I think it is ultimately this level of availability and willingness to help that pushed me in the right direction, and I am truly grateful to have been able to work with EA. To anyone considering which agency to partner with, EA is far and away the clearest choice.

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