Ronnette Hope, Placement Associate

Where is your happy place?

Meandering the aisles of Target.

Name three things you cannot live without.

Dunkin’ Coffee, Disco playlists on Spotify, and my passport

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My kindergarten teacher, Ms. Foreman, made me a lifelong learner. In her class, we had a wedding for “Q” & “U”- we made decorations and had cupcakes for snack. I realized that education was not only about learning how to spell “queen” or “quail” but also about the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), how to get dressed up for a special occasion and participate in special moments. Her lessons were always layered making sure she taught the whole child; because of her, learning and experiencing new things have been the joy of my life.


Introduced to the world of independent schools through the Prep for Prep program, Ronnette has a deep love and knowledge of independent schools from a range of experiences. A Brooklyn native, Ronnette attended the Packer Collegiate Institute. Through the years, she has been a class correspondent, a reunion chair, and a mentor in the Pelicans of Color affinity group. Since 2019, Ronnette has served on both Packer’s Board of Trustees and Alumni Association Board.

After receiving her BA from Northwestern University and her MLIS from Pratt Institute, Ronnette worked as an Associate Librarian at the Chapin School and most recently as a member of the admissions office at the Ethical Cultural Fieldston School. In all her work, Ronnette values access to educational opportunities and mentoring ambitious young people, who hope to be advocates for schools and students.

Ronnette joined EA in 2021.