Margaret Cissel, Senior Placement Manager

Name three things you cannot live without
Taking photos, long walks, and my dogs, Kevin and Meredith.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Mrs. Pitcher, a long-term substitute teacher during my kindergarten year. Normally the GFA Middle School French teacher, Mrs. Pitcher joined our class in the winter and promptly taught me how to read. She was incredibly kind, patient, and smelled like pine cones!

What do you love about EA?
We are all school nerds, and I love it. We share a love for every aspect of a school, from the campus to its community and most of all, the teachers and staff.


Following her graduation from Elon University where she received her BA in Strategic Communications, Margaret crowd-funded a project called Look Out Loud through Kickstarter that brought her to India, the Philippines and Guatemala where she taught photography to students of all ages. From there she moved to The Bahamas where she worked as a Communications Associate at The Island School. Having had her fill of living overseas, she moved back to her hometown of Fairfield, CT and worked for three years at Ridgefield Academy as a Marketing Manager. A product of independent schools, Margaret is an alumna of Greens Farms Academy and she recently joined the Adam J. Lewis Preschool Junior Board.

Margaret joined EA in 2017.