Services for Job Seekers

Educator’s Ally provides personalized service to educators and school administrators. Our schools contact us for candidate referrals for a variety of teaching and administrative positions.

Teaching positions range from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. Most positions require experience, as well as a masters degree, and we look for candidates with strong credentials who are dedicated to a career in independent school teaching.

While we place educators year-round, the majority of hiring takes place between February and June.

Our services to candidates include:

  • Resume advice: Oftentimes this essential document is what’s in the way of a candidate being hired. Tweaking a resume to better represent experience and showcase talents can make all the difference.
  • Access to job openings: In many instances our schools contact us prior to publicly posting a position. Once we learn of a position we feel would be a good fit for a candidate, we contact that individual and provide details about the school and position to see if the job is of interest.
  • Candidate profile: Once an applicant has been accepted, we put together a profile as part of a candidate file. Serving as a distillation of the candidate’s experience, this profile provides our busy administrators with a snapshot of the individual educator. Additionally, our profile addresses any concerns that might be raised by the accompanying documents, including:
    • an unexplained job change or departure
    • a desired move from public to independent school teaching
    • a desired move from teaching to administration, or the reverse
    • a career change
    • a weak spot on a transcript

Our school administrators appreciate our direct and transparent approach as it saves them the time and trouble of having to contact us or the candidate for answers to these questions.

  • Career Counseling: In our conversations with candidates, we do as much listening as talking. We serve as advisors and counselors every step of the way to ensure that our candidates have a successful job search.
  • Interview Prep: Because we know our schools, we know what our candidates should expect once they are brought in to interview. From wardrobe advice, to demo lesson preparation, to counsel re protocol, this expertise can be invaluable in securing an offer.
  • Help with the decision-making process once there is an offer of a position: Our many years of experience with independent school placement allows us to help our candidates navigate this important part of the process. Our knowledge of our schools enables us to offer insight and advice as to the best route to take.
  • Personal advocate: Once a candidate has been referred to a school, we’re available to our administrators to ensure that they have the best possible understanding of the educator being considered. Because we know our candidates, we’re able to address any concerns our administrators might have.
  • No fee charged to candidates: There is no fee charged to candidates for our services. Our schools compensate us if a teacher or administrator is hired.
  • Salary negotiations: When appropriate, we will step in on a candidate’s behalf to advise administrators re compensation.

Teaching positions include the following:

  • Assistant Teacher
  • Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Early Childhood (PreK) Classroom Teacher
  • Computer Technology
  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Learning Specialist
  • Librarian
  • Math
  • Music
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology

Our client schools also seek our help in searches for senior administrators including Deans, Division Heads, Department Chairs, Admissions Directors, Development Directors and Assistant and Associate Heads of School.

We provide candidates for other administrative and non-teaching positions including:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Admissions Associate and Assistant
  • Athletic Director
  • Business Manager
  • College Counselor
  • Communications
  • Development/Advancement
  • Diversity Director
  • Secondary School Placement Director
  • IT Director (non-teaching)
  • School Counselor

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of schools and placed thousands of candidates. Find out more about the schools we work with here or contact us.

First Year Teachers

We also recruit for openings for first year teachers in day and boarding schools. Unlike public schools, independent schools are not restricted by regulations that require their first year teachers to be certified, nor are they in most cases seeking education majors. What they are looking for is a strong undergraduate transcript and a proven interest in working with children (camp counseling, student teaching, volunteer work in schools) or experience working in the area of interest (e.g. admissions or development).

Our day schools hire liberal arts majors as Fellows/Assistant Teachers, and sometimes (though rarely) as Head Teachers. Boarding schools hire recent graduates as Fellows, offering the opportunity to teach, coach, and serve as dorm supervisors. Volunteer teaching, student teaching, tutoring, camp counseling, and an interest in working in extra-curricular areas (sports, drama, community service, etc.) are all relevant experience and qualifications for an entry level position.

Click here to find out more about the placement process or contact us directly.