The Placement Process

The first step in the process is for prospective candidates to apply for EA representation via our website. Once an application has been received, applicants will receive an email notification letting them know if they have been accepted as an Educator’s Ally candidate. If accepted, candidates will be directed to follow up with an EA Placement Manager.

Once an accepted candidate has connected with their Placement Manager, a comprehensive placement file will be assembled. This file will include the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement and/or Educational Philosophy
  • College/graduate school transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Reference List
  • Virtual Demo Lesson (for those seeking teaching positions)
  • Candidate profile (your Placement Manager’s insights about your candidacy)

As our schools inform us of openings suitable to an individual educator’s experience, we will contact the candidate to confirm that there is interest in being considered. Once we have that confirmation, we will refer the candidate to the school and serve as an advocate throughout the process.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept all applicants who wish to be represented by Educator’s Ally. The schools with which we work are among the most selective in the nation and they look to us to provide them with the most qualified teachers and administrators who will be the best possible fit for their unique institutions.


In many cases, we work with candidates who make the request that their search remain confidential. We honor this request and ensure that our schools do as well.

To get started, apply here. To learn more about the services we provide candidates, click here.