Is there a fee for your services to candidates?

There is no fee to our candidates for our services. Our schools compensate us when a teacher or administrator we’ve sent them is hired.

Do you work with public schools?

We do not work with public schools. We work with independent (private) day and boarding schools, and a selection of charter schools. Find out more about the schools we work with here.

Do I need a masters degree to be hired as a head teacher?

In most cases, yes. However, there are rare exceptions.

Does Educator’s Ally place administrators as well as teachers?

Yes, Educator’s Ally places administrators, examples of which include division heads, deans, assistant heads, admissions and development professionals, diversity directors, and department heads. Please click here for more information about types of positions we fill at our schools.

What’s the next step if I am interested in being represented by EA?

If you are interested in working with us, we ask that you apply via the ‘Apply Now‘ button on our website. Once your application is received, you will receive email notification letting you know if we are interested in learning more about you. To learn more about the services we provide candidates, click here.

When is the hiring season for independent schools?

We place teachers and administrators year-round but the bulk of hiring in independent schools takes place between February and May.

What’s the benefit to working with you versus sending my resume to schools on my own?

Bottom line: working through us will ensure that you get noticed. While our schools have always relied on us for our excellent candidate pool as well as our ability to make good matches between educators and schools, now more than ever they’re turning to us because of the sheer volume of resumes coming to them via HR portals. Because they know we connect with and vet each and every one of our candidates, they trust us to refer teachers and administrators who will be the right fit for the position and their school.