COVID-19 Updates

April 1, 2020

To our valued candidates and trusted school partners:

We are here for you.

While the global crisis we are facing with COVID-19 will impact hiring, we want you to know that the EA Team is continuing our work on behalf of schools and candidates.


While these are uncharted waters, and the sands are still shifting, in recent weeks the feedback we’ve received from our client schools has enabled us to bring things into sharper focus. As the landscape becomes clearer, schools are in the process of assessing their needs and determining how best to proceed. This includes determining which jobs need to be filled for Fall 2020 and which can be pushed off to 2021. And while many searches were well underway when the pandemic hit, and will close out with hires soon, many were recently launched, or will go live today and in the coming weeks, so will be conducted entirely virtually. So, as a candidate, how to prepare for this new normal? See our resources and tips below.

School partners:

With the COVID-19 pandemic now spanning our nation, the challenges are real. Tough decisions are being made about every aspect of the way we live, including how we keep our learning communities alive for the nearly 60 million K-12 students in our nation. In light of this, we understand that as you attend to the immediate needs of your communities, and shift to distance learning, the hiring process may need to be pushed to later in the spring/summer, and that some anticipated hires will be moved to next year. We also understand that you have very real needs for the upcoming school year and that those searches will continue in the coming months.

While the EA Team has shifted to a remote work model, thanks to technology, we’re as connected as ever and in regular and close touch with our candidates. We’re also connecting with many of you and look forward to more conversations in the weeks to come, as time allows. Given our unique lens, and the intel we’re gleaning as our schools adopt virtual hiring practices, we’re happy to share our insights and observations in hopes of making the path ahead a bit smoother.

Now more than ever, at this challenging time, we appreciate all that you are doing on behalf of your school communities. Please know that we value our partnership and are here to help in any way that we can.

COVID-19 Resources:



Can I still continue my job search with EA?

Absolutely. Despite the fact that most of our schools have now wrapped up their academic year, or will be doing so soon, many of our schools are still running searches, having shifted to a virtual process. While a number of our searches were launched prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and are now moving into semi-finalist and finalist stages, schools are contacting us every day for assistance with new searches.

Will I still be able to get in touch with my EA Placement Manager?

Yes! While the EA Team has shifted to a remote work model, thanks to technology we’re as connected as ever and in regular and close touch with our candidates and schools. EA candidates can expect the same level of responsiveness from their Placement Managers that they’ve always had. So no worries there.

If you’d like to submit an application to be an EA candidate, click here.

How will COVID-19 affect my job search?

Given the challenges of these past months, we anticipate that the 2020 search season will extend into the late spring and summer, with some searches being pushed to 2021.

Additionally, searches have now moved to an entirely virtual process (with some exceptions in certain instances for finalists to do on campus visits). For tips on how to put your best foot forward in this new landscape, click the links for virtual interviews and teaching demos. 

Given the move to virtual hiring, what can I do to prepare?

As part of the evaluative process, many of our school administrators are asking for teaching demo videos. If you are a current EA candidate and have a recent teaching video, share it with your Placement Manager so it can be added to your file. If you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to record one of your lessons now. Click here for more tips on how to record and share a strong teaching video.