How We’re Different

At EA, our commitment to our candidates and our schools is deeply personal. Whether we’re working with our schools or our candidates, our approach to all that we do is thoughtful and measured. We pride ourselves on being responsive and accessible. Whether we’re talking over the details of an immediate need that’s arisen at one of our schools, or providing counsel to a candidate weighing multiple offers, we’re fully committed to providing the best support possible to our schools and our candidates.

Candidate Placement

The Placement Team at Educator’s Ally takes the time to connect with each of our candidates so that we can get a solid understanding of the educators with whom we are working. Every step of the way, we provide support, guidance, and expertise to our candidates. Whether offering resume advice, giving interview tips or making ourselves available for an evening or weekend conversation, our goal is to provide steadfast support to each of our candidates throughout their job search.

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Services to Schools

We’re fully committed to our school administrators and consider the work we do for them a privilege. Over the course of time, we’ve established personal relationships with school administrators and we take pride in the fact that we know our schools well. When a school contacts us with a need, we’re able to quickly identify candidates who will be the best possible match for both the position and the school. We take time to check references, examine transcripts, and get clarification on any areas of question before referring a candidate for a position, saving our administrators valuable time in the process.

With our years of experience in the field, the EA Placement Team knows how schools work and, most especially, how busy our school administrators are: we understand that overseeing a search is just a small part of a very full day. When a job is posted, we move quickly, referring only those candidates who are an excellent fit for that position and, just as importantly, the school. Time and time again, our schools thank us for the insightful connections we make in sending them the candidates we do. Valuable time is saved on their end by not having to wade through dozens of resumes and EA gains the satisfaction of seeing a great connection made.

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