The Independent School Job Search: When Should I Start?


As the school year is underway, you may find yourself thinking about the next step in your career. Are you currently teaching in a private school and looking for a new community or do you want to make the move into Administration, Admissions, or Development? Are you a college senior wondering about what to do after you graduate? Believe it or not, the fall is not too early to start thinking about your job search in private schools. While the height of the independent school hiring season generally runs from February through May, the fall is a great time to start thinking about what you are looking for in your next position and editing your resume and other materials. Whether you’re looking for entry level teaching jobs or are an experienced educator, Educator’s Ally can help with every step of your job search from writing cover letters to resume help to general career guidance. Apply now to get the conversation started with one of our Placement Managers.

For more information on the timeline of the independent school hiring process throughout the year, check out our previous blog on the subject.

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Creativity in the Classroom: Battleship Reinvented


Whether you’re trying to sink your opponent’s battleship, destroyer, cruiser or submarine, Battleship is making a comeback… in the classroom! Check out these crafty ideas for an updated version of Battleship that focuses on Chemistry (by using the Periodic Table), Foreign Languages or even currency. With Battleship versions now available for Smart Boards, students will be taking this WW1 classic into the 21st century.  What educational Battleship games have you tried with your class?

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Back to School: Surviving Your First Year At A New School


Now that Labor Day has passed, it’s officially time to go back to school. Are you starting your first year as a teacher? Or are you starting a new job at a different school? Even for experienced teachers, joining a new school community can evoke first-day-of -school jitters. There are new colleagues to meet, new students to welcome, new traditions and school cultures to learn. Many independent schools conduct orientation programs for new faculty members and pair first year teachers with a mentor, which hopefully makes the transition a little bit easier. Trevor Day School even created a “Trevor For Dummies” handbook for new community members.

Still need a few more ideas to calm your nerves? Here is an article that gives a few tips for acing your first year as a teacher (and experienced teachers can use these reminders too).

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The Importance of Assistant Teacher Programs

AT Programs Blog pic

In Friday’s New York Times, esteemed Bank Street educators Shael Polakow-Suransky, Josh Thomas, and Karen Demoss discussed the importance of teacher training programs. In our work here at EA connecting teachers and private schools, we know how important strong teachers are, and becoming a great educator starts with a solid foundation, often learning from experienced colleagues. As mentioned in the article, many independent schools across the country have excellent teacher training residency programs for aspiring teachers at all grade levels- Convent of the Sacred Heart, New Canaan Country School, and the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching program- to name a few.

Are you looking to start your career in teaching and interested in enrolling in an Assistant Teacher training program at a private school in the New York City metro area? Or are you about to complete an Assistant Teaching program and curious about your next career move? Whether you’ve just graduated from college, or considering a career change, contact EA today to see how to get started!

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Preventing Summer Slide


Now that summer vacation is in full swing, parents and teachers alike may be concerned with preventing the “summer slide” with their students. This recent article from Education Week provides a few tips for helping your students’ skills stay sharp long after the last bell rings. In addition to staples like summer reading, many schools (King and Choate for example) run summer programs for students that offer a variety of options from enrichment classes to the opportunity to brush up on some areas of improvement. Some schools even offer classes for credit!

Are you preventing your own summer slide by pursuing professional development opportunities in anticipation of a job search? Reach out to EA today and see how we can help!

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Should students check their laptops at the classroom door?

Abby Blog Laptop Pic

Should students check their laptops at the classroom door? Jessica Flaxman, a former Masters student at Klingenstein and current Director of Studies at Charlotte Country Day School  in NC summarizes Robert Lee Hotz’s new article “Can Handwriting Make You Smarter?” quite well and makes the EA Team wonder if we should be working on our penmanship this summer!

In “Can Handwriting Make You Smarter?” Robert Lee Hotz argues what many teachers already believe: that students who hand write their notes learn better than those who type. According to Hotz, faster note-taking does not correlate with deeper understanding of the material. Researchers have found that “the very feature that makes laptop note-taking so appealing – the ability to take notes more quickly – was what undermined learning.” Interestingly, digital note-taking does appear to result in short-term gains for note-takers. But after 24 hours, those who type notes start to forget the material they transcribed. To arrive at these conclusions, researchers at Princeton and UCLA compared the work product of students who took longhand notes and found that they not only retained knowledge for longer, but also more readily understood new concepts. Adds Michael Friedman of Harvard, when we take notes, we actually “transform” what we hear, making information acquisition both dynamic and personal. Based on this research, the sharpest edge appears to still belongs to the student who can distill and synthesize information as he/she hears it and commit it to memory through writing notes by hand.


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Looking Back and Moving Forward: End of School Year Reflections

635949999120658458-504421347_schools out

As we head into the final stretches of the school year, each teacher and student should take time to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. What worked? What flopped? How can you improve for next year? What from your old job will you bring to your new one? What must you definitely leave behind? Whether you are in your first year in an independent school you will call home for many years, heading to a new school next year or know that it is time to begin the process of pursuing a new private school teaching job for Fall 2017, use these next few weeks to reflect and to encourage your students to do the same.

As you reflect, know that EA is here 12 months a year to work with candidates as they contemplate a job search, even if it’s in its earliest stages or unanticipated and last minute. Reach out now to connect.

Interested in more ways to encourage your students to reflect? Read this article by Responsive Classroom.

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Character Development in Our Schools: The Importance of Grit


Character development and how to measure it in students is a particularly hot topic currently among independent school educators. Angela Duckworth, a Psychology Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the Founder and Scientific Director of Character Lab (which she co-founded along with Head of Riverdale Country School, Dominic Randolph, and Dave Levin, co-founder of KIPP Schools), tackles the subject of “grit” in her new book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. While there is much debate about how to develop grittiness in students, Duckworth believes it is critical to have leaders that model such behavior, as she mentions in a recent interview with The Washington PostConnecting with educators who challenge their students while being supportive is increasingly important, as is being able to give concrete examples of such instances during an interview.

If you are looking for a private school teaching job, reach out to EA to see how we can help you, including tips on how to stand out during an interview with an administrator.

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The best MakerSpace is between your own ears!


“The best MakerSpace is between your own ears!”

These words of wisdom came from Gary Stager, PhD, lecturer and renowned leader in the Maker movement. The EA team had the pleasure of hearing Gary speak at this year’s ATLIS (Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools) in Atlanta last week and were so impressed by his passion, commitment and dedication to introducing MakerSpaces to children all over the world.

According to Gary, “we have an obligation to introduce children to things they don’t yet know they love.” To learn more about ways to introduce innovation into your classroom, check out Gary’s book, Invent To Learn. Happy reading – and making!

If you’re an educator interested in exploring private school technology jobs or an independent school administrator looking to hire a Maker teacher, please reach out as we’d be happy to chat with you.

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EA Heads to the ATLIS 2016 National Conference


Team EA is gearing up for next week’s ATLIS 2016 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We look forward to connecting with old friends and new at this meeting of independent school technology leaders. Are you attending? Reach out to us at [email protected] to find a time to connect directly or come find us in the Tech Gallery throughout the conference.

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