Your First Job Search: It’s Not Too Late!


As the new year begins, many college seniors may have “find a job” on their list of resolutions. At Educator’s Ally, we work with educators at every stage of their career, from senior administrators to college students looking for their first teaching position. The independent school hiring season is just beginning, so it is not too late to begin a job search!


EA team members at a recruiting event at Williams College.


If you are someone who has always enjoyed working with kids, whether that’s as a camp counselor, babysitter, coach, or tutor, teaching may be the career for you. Many private schools have specific teacher training programs for first-year teachers where you work closely with experienced educators and receive mentoring and professional development. Often called Teaching Fellows or Assistant Teachers, these positions are full-time, paid opportunities, and are a great way to develop your skills in the classroom. Whether you’re interested in teaching at the elementary, middle, or high school level, Assistant Teacher programs exist at all grade levels, in both boarding and day school environments. Some schools will even provide housing or graduate school stipends for their Teaching Fellows!

Every school structures their program differently, so let an EA Placement Manager help you navigate the landscape of independent school hiring. Your Placement Manager will also help you with your application and advise you throughout every step of the job search from writing a cover letter to how to ace an interview.

Private schools do not require teachers to hold certification, nor do you have to be an education major. Schools are looking for an enthusiasm for working with kids, as well as a willingness to pitch in outside of the classroom, whether that is coaching, residential life, or the arts. If you’re curious about pursuing entry-level teaching jobs, send us your resume here to get the conversation started.

If finding an elementary school teaching job is your focus, read our blog post titled, Breaking In: Finding an Entry Level Elementary Teaching Position.

Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.
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Recruiting Without Bias at Private Schools

As 2017 comes to a close and the 2018 hiring season kicks into high gear, independent school administrators and faculty may be reflecting on how they can improve upon their school communities and the ways in which they can make a difference. One of the highlights of the EA Team’s year was the workshop we presented at PoCC in conjunction with some very inspiring educators. If you missed,“Recruiting Without Bias,” the video can be found on our Facebook page.

Hear from noted cultural competency consultant Tiffany Taylor-Smith, Wheeler School’s Princess Bomba, Chris Kolovos, Associate Head of School at Greens Farms Academy, and of course, EA President Lisa Lovering. In this workshop, the panel discussed ways in which implicit bias can derail efforts to diversify faculties and steps administrators can take to address this issue.



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First Impressions Count: How Educator’s Ally Can Help You Stand Out in a Job Search

Your resume looks great. Your references are in order and on standby. You know exactly what position you’re looking for and what type of school environment you’re seeking. So why would you need to use an agency for your independent school job search? Because no matter how well qualified you are, you won’t get far if your application materials and preparation don’t reflect that. Educator’s Ally works to ensure that you bring your best self to life throughout the hiring process because you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

For over 40 years, Educator’s Ally has been working with teachers and professionals exploring opportunities in private schools, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what makes a successful job search, as well as the fatal flaws that educators routinely make without the guidance of an agency like ours. Let us help you avoid making the simple mistakes that you may not even be aware of that get your resume sent right to the shredder.

Educator’s Ally will work with you to not only create the most effective resume package but also to connect you with positions that you would not even know about because many of our schools work with us on confidential openings. Our goal is to help you find the right job, and that will entail lots of conversations along the way about your career goals. 

Just starting your independent school career? Thinking about moving into a new area of school work? Ready for the next step in your teaching or administrative career? No matter what your motivation for doing a job search, let Educator’s Ally partner with you through what we know can be a stressful and humbling time. With our representation, you’ll get the introduction that will get you noticed. To learn more about what we do and apply, please contact us.

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Tips on How to Find Your Dream Teaching Job


With the 2018 independent school hiring season fast approaching, the EA Team wants to make sure you feel as prepared as possible for the opportunities ahead.

Here are some steps to take to begin a successful job search in independent schools:

  • Update your resume.
    • Don’t procrastinate, do it! Be sure to add any new responsibilities and titles you’ve assumed, as well as any professional development opportunities you’ve taken advantage of since your last search.
    • Use bullet points. School administrators are busy, and you want your experience to stand out at a quick glance. More details can be filled in in a cover letter or in an interview.
    • Keep your resume simple in terms of font, design, and formatting.

  • Think about what the next step looks like.
    • Why are you searching? What does your dream job look like? Are you open to relocating? Thinking about these questions ahead of time will help focus the goals of your search and ensure you end up in a place that’s right for you.
  • Get in touch with Educator’s Ally.
    • To get the conversation started, apply here with your updated resume.
  • Why work with EA?
    • We support our candidates throughout every step of the search process. From proofreading cover letters, to providing interview tips, to negotiating an offer, to resume feedback, we’re here for you.
    • Our services are free for job seekers!
    • We know our schools and what makes each one unique. With that knowledge, we work hard to find our candidates the perfect job at the right independent school. To get a feel for the EA difference, read some testimonials below from candidates and administrators who’ve worked with us.



Want more help on how to conduct your search? Read our other blog posts, Tips for a Successful Private School Job Search Part 1 and Part 2.

Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.
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A New Spin on a Chemistry Classic

How many science teachers out there have taught the periodic table to only be met with students scratching their heads (and not from lice!)? This ingenious table will change everything, especially for your visual learners. Take a look!

Who knew that Strontium helps put on all the fireworks shows on the Fourth of July?!

Or that right now, reading this post you’re benefiting from Indium, an element used in LCD screens?!

Thanks to Keith Enevoldesn, a Boeing software engineer who created this epic periodic table, science teachers can help students understand the elements that make up…..well, everything!

Are you a science teacher interested in exploring job opportunities? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit Educator’s Ally to learn more about who we are and how we can help you in your private school job search.

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Sayonara, Summer!

EA’s summer synopsis and a look at what’s ahead

As we say goodbye to summer ‘17 and hello to the new school year, the EA team took time to reflect back on all the wonderful places and faces we visited this summer and got pumped up for the months ahead.

Since June, we’ve traveled throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic, visiting schools, attending conferences, and catching up with school administrators who finally have a minute to breathe and reflect on this past hiring season and the one ahead.

A highlight for Lisa Lovering was her visit to beautiful Ripton, Vermont, the home of Bread Loaf’s famous graduate school of English. In this idyllic setting, she had the pleasure of connecting with English teachers looking to explore opportunities for next year.

A Bread Loaf student catches up on her reading in-between classes while taking in the beautiful Vermont landscape.

Brett Bodnar visited with aspiring educators and teaching interns at Taft, Choate Rosemary Hall and Northfield Mount Hermon School where she shared advice on how to get your first teaching job out of college.

Choate’s campus was bustling this summer with middle and upper school programs. We found some quiet in-between classes to take this peaceful shot.

EA placement manager, Brett, chats with future educators at NMH!

As we prepare for the upcoming hiring season, the EA team has a jam-packed fall schedule! We look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones too at the following events:

The Liberal Arts Recruiting Connection (LARC), Boston

Eastern College Career Day, Boston

Fall Recruiting Consortium, NYC

EA Networking Event for Early Career Educators, NYC

People of Color Conference (PoCC), Anaheim, CA

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) Conference, Boston

Various college networking events (including Yale, Williams and Middlebury)

Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.



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EA Retreat: a pause for reflection


A late summer al fresco lunch and a few canine friends made for a perfect day!

Here at EA, we’ve had a busy summer and we’re looking forward to an even busier fall! But before the launch of the new school year, the EA team took some time to step back and reflect on this past year and place goals for the next. The theme of our retreat circled around relationships and, more specifically, our relationships with you, the incredible educators we’re so privileged to work with every day. We asked ourselves, how can we best serve you? How do we make the job search and hiring process easier, more fluid and, most importantly, successful? The ideas we came up with all centered around putting you – our trusted partners – at the center of the equation. To do this, we’re committed to continuing to listen to you and respect your wishes. As the late, great John Chubb, always said, “The schools with the best teachers win” and EA is here to make sure our schools do exactly that. We couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead!

Whether you’re thinking of taking the next step in your career or looking for a resource to find the best teachers, EA’s Placement Managers would love to get the conversation started about how we can help you achieve your goals. We look forward to another successful year working with our administrators and teachers!


Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.
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Faculty meetings, staff icebreakers, and classroom prep, OH MY!


As teachers head back to school for faculty meetings and classroom prep, the EA team wanted to help by providing some ideas to mix up the back to school routine. From faculty and staff icebreakers to tips on hitting the refresh button on your classroom setup, here are some suggestions to inspire!

Ever tried a staff scavenger hunt? This is a fun way to start off your first faculty meeting and provide an opportunity for new and returning staff to get to know each other. Here is a list of facts to be discovered about the people in the meeting. Teachers can work in groups or individually and the staff member or team who checks the most items off the list wins! Change up the list of items to fit your school’s community and you’ll start to hear that ice breaking!

Now that you have your first faculty meeting behind you it’s time to tackle classroom prep. For all you teachers who’ve been dreaming all summer of a classroom redesign, here are some #classroomgoals to get your wheels turning!


Who wouldn’t get inspired to read in this classroom library?! Try bringing outdoor inspirations inside to get your students’ imaginations working.


Thinking about moving towards flexible seating? Try offering different places and ways for students to get in the zone like in this classroom.


Already preparing for managing noise levels in your class? Try this cool “voice-o-meter” to help students visualize what you expect of them. We have a feeling your students are going to enjoy acting like a ninja!

Ready to get started with your classroom redesign? Here are eight tips to bring your classroom to the next level. Good luck and happy back to school!

Does the back to school spirit have you thinking about the next step in your career? Apply here to start the conversation about your job search in independent schools.

Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.
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Did You Know?! Fun Facts about Independent Schools


Just because it’s summer vacation for most educators doesn’t mean the learning has to end (read this article for some tips on how to beat “summer slide”)! We’ve done some digging and pulled together some facts about the history, programs, and landscape of different independent schools. The beauty of private schools is that each one is unique, with its own rich traditions, and its own distinct mission. Here at Educator’s Ally, we pride ourselves on knowing our schools and understanding what sets them apart so we can best support them with their faculty and staff hiring. This also ensures that the teachers with whom we work receive a personalized approach to their job searches in independent schools, resulting in the right fit for both our schools and candidates.

Read on for some fun facts that may be surprising or new to you!

  • According to CAPE (Council for American Private Education) there are over 33,600 private schools in the United States, serving 5.4 million PK-12 students – that means one in four schools in the US is a private school, and one in ten children attends a private school.
  • According to data from the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, private schools produce an annual savings to taxpayers estimated at $50 billion.
  • The only zoo in this country located at a high school can be found at Millbrook School, located in Dutchess County, New York.
  • The oldest private school in the United States is Collegiate School in Manhattan, an all-boys school founded in 1628 by the Dutch West India Company and the Classis of Amsterdam.
  • The oldest boarding school in the US is West Nottingham Academy in Maryland, which was founded in 1744 by the Presbyterian preacher Samuel Finley, who later became the President of the College of New Jersey (later known as Princeton University).
  • Students at St. George’s School can choose to study on Geronimo, a 69-foot cutter that sails around various parts of the world.
  • The most expensive boarding school in the US is the Forman School in Litchfield, CT, with a tuition of $73,730 for the 2017-18 school year.
  • The most expensive boarding school in the world is Le Rosey in Switzerland – the annual tuition is a whopping $114,000!
  • The most affordable private high school in the US is Youth Initiative High School in Viroqua, Wisconsin – the tuition is just $7,000 per year.
  • Lawrenceville boasts the oldest tackle football league in the country, with its houses fielding their own teams and competing against each other. The first season began in 1892.
  • According to CAPE (Council for American Private Education), 67% of private high school graduates attend four-year colleges, compared to only 40% of public high school grads.
  • Northfield Mount Hermon has a small farm on campus where students can fulfill their work job requirement. One option includes participating in their spring sugaring operation where the school produces around 600 gallons of maple syrup per year.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics’ 2007 study revealed that over 75% of private school parents are “very satisfied” with their child’s school, compared with less than half of parents whose children attended a public school.
  • Cheshire Academy was founded in 1794, only 22 years after Connecticut joined the colonies to rebel against Great Britain.
  • Independent school classes are smaller than public school classes, with an average class size of 5 students per teacher compared with 15.4 students per teacher. By 2021, the Department of Education predicts those numbers will be 11.4 for private and 14.4 for public schools.
  • Most independent schools are set up as nonprofit organizations.
  • The sports rivalry between Phillips Academy Andover and Phillips Exeter Academy is more than just a typical high school rivalry. It’s a rivalry of historic proportions. The two schools boast of having the longest-running football rivalry of any high school in the nation, having first met on the field of battle back in 1878.
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